Over the years, Friends of the Parks Foundation has worked in cooperation with the City of Alameda’s Recreation and Parks Department to identify projects beneficial to our community. Additionally, we have worked with the City to improve Alameda’s recreational offerings and experiences. Alameda Friends of the Parks often provides critically needed funding for essential community programs and serves as a conduit for charitable donations.

    Current Projects include:

    • Spring Splash – 2018
    • Teen Halloween House – 2018
    • Woodstock Park Playground StructureBenefits all neighbors, Alameda Boys and Girls Club, NEA Community Learning Center and Alameda Community Learning Center (click here to find out more information)
    • Starlight Movies in the Park sponsorship – Summer 2017
    • Splash into Spring Egg Scramble at Crab Cove sponsorship – Spring 2017
    • Krusi Park Memorial Project support – 2017
    • Teen Halloween House – October 2017

    Completed Projects:

    • myFitCity Initiative – Washington and Lincoln Park Exercise Equipment
    • Longfellow Park Playground Equipment – 2015
    • Godfrey Park Playground Equipment – 2016
    • Washington Park Tennis Court resurfacing
    • Renovation of Alameda Swim Center
    • Franklin Park Playground Equipment
    • Custom Wood Park Signs
    • Leydecker Park Picnic Tables and Benches
    • Purchase of a 15-passenger Van. Transportation for Teens
    • Replacement of Diseased Trees at parks throughout Alameda
    • Underground Teen Center Special Event sponsorhip
    • Alameda Skate Park

    If you would like to help Alameda Friends of the Parks Foundation with a donation, please click here.