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Alameda Bike for the Parks is tasked with three simple goals:
1. Bring awareness and raise funds for Alameda parks.
2. Highlight the majestic views of Alameda’s shorelines.
3. Build community through fitness and fun.

Our story:

Gene and George of Alameda Bicycle thought it would be a great idea to showcase Alameda shorelines through a charity bike ride.  Bill of Alameda Friends of the Parks thought it was a great idea, and together they crafted a team…

First, Bill asked Amy and Debbie of City of Alameda for advice.  She recommended we get Rotary Club of Alameda involved.  Meanwhile, Gene asked Lars of Team Alameda for their support and Chris of AGL for a killer logo.  Pat and Dennis of ARPD completed the team.  The Alameda community at its best!


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If you have questions or just want to contact us directly, please email Ken Miller.