The Alameda Friends of the Parks Foundation would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the following for their generous donations:


    Corporate Donors

    Small Business /
    Public Organization Donors

    Friends of the Friends

    Alameda Recreation and Park Department
    Alameda Community Fund
    Alameda Theatre
    Alameda Firefighters Association IAFF Local 689
    Alameda Police Officers Association
    Alameda Rotary Club
    Alameda Association of Realtors
    Staff of the Alameda Free Library c/o Jane Chisaki
    Alameda Kiwanis Club
    Encinal Hardware
    Lars Hansson CPA
    Alameda Bicycle
    Alameda ELKS Club
    Harbor Bay Realtors
    Asena Restaurant
    Trabocco Restaurant
    La Penca Azul Mexican Restaurant
    Angelfish Japanese Restaurant
    Greenway Golf Course Management
    East-End Pizza
    Seqouyah Country Club – Oakland
    Blackhawk Country Club – Danville
    Linguini’s Italian Restaurant
    Deb Knowles/Edward Jones Investments
    Lars G. Hannson, CPA
    Jim & Arleen Russi
    Aaron & Abigail Taunton
    Alpicella Family Club (Matt Moran)
    Anna Elefant
    Barbara Capon
    Barry Parker
    Bettielea Kempster
    Bill & June Delaney
    Bill & Lois Sonneman
    Bob & Patricia Blee
    Bridget Rae
    Cari Turley
    Charles & Karen Wanczyk
    Chris Hirano
    Clark & Suzanne Rhudy
    Craig and Carol Roth
    Dolores Rourke
    Erik & Julie Ehlers
    Gary and Judy Barker
    Gina & Philip Jaber
    Glenn Pritchard
    Helen Chaix
    Jeff Wasserman
    Joe & Jordana Restagno
    Joe Restagno
    John & Jean Brennan
    John & Rose Cosso
    Karen Yoneda
    Kevin Mills
    Lars Nilsson
    Leon and Luana Vignale
    Ligure Club
    Mario & Wendy Mariani
    Mary Milani
    Mimi & Terry Laubach
    Patrick & Kelly Russi
    Paula Orrell
    Richelle Razon
    Robert Spears
    S & D Martiara
    Shelley Russi & Rahn Twitchell
    Terry Ogden and Family
    Tony & Nancy Corica
    W Clark and Carol Bailey

    Your support will be appreciated for generations to come.


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